Friday, September 14, 2012

My Day

Hy friend...

Good morning all.

Today everyone is  buzy with preparation for the BTN's Big Day. But not for me. I still remember, two years ago I was the one who really really busy as they are. All of the busy day has gone. Now I am not one of them anymore. I am a different person, different kind of job, different and different from them. Sometimes I felt like I was not belong here. Even though I really want to help. Its ok... I think there is a lot of hikmah here.

No one is here in the office except for me and one of my senior officer. Now I'm still waiting for my application for my assistant to Meru. Hopefully there's no problem. My turn to be busy is very close from now. And guess what? Im still writing this blog... Now I have to stop here. Guess I have to do my work as my boss is here and make a weird looking at this desk. Hahaha.. Stop here. See u guys!

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